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What Our Customers Say

“I am always welcome to stop into the office, pay, vent (lower my rates!) or just enjoy my time with these fun, knowledgeable, welcoming people for info. This is a great office and I always share my great experiences with the Hochreiter-Trieweiler agency with my friends! They exemplify customer service! ”

Allison G.

“Office is very friendly each time I have called. I was emailed from this office to see if I wanted to save more money on our policy.Who does that?! Highly recommended. ”

Amanda S.

“I have been with the Hochreiter-Trieweiler since 1975 because they have exceeded my expectations throughout my association with them. ”

Christopher L.

“I felt very comfortable with the people in the offices... it's so nice to see an honest family runned agency that is straight up and honest with me. Never once have they tried to push something on me they knew I wasn't interested in. Also just being able to drive a mile and talk to the people who wrote my policy is hands down better than an over the phone or Internet company. Everyone is kind and you don't feel any awkward pressure. Lastly they do everything they can to get you the best rates and coverage...most bang for your buck... ”

James P.

“Very helpful and understanding to my concerns. Angie helped out immediately and facilitated the claim with the first phone call. I was never involved in a situation like this and did not know how to proceed, Angie address my concerns with confidence and a pleasant demeanor. Thank you thank you thank you! ”

Luke O.

“Transition from previous agency to Hochreiter-Trierweiler was a smooth and pleasant experience. They welcomed us as new clients to their agency as if we were old friends. A very nice way to do business, thanks guys! ”

Richard K.