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Recreational Vehicles Insurance

Recreational vehicles insurance is for anyone who owns, finances, or resides full time in a recreational vehicle. RV’s are broken down into classes A, B, and C. A class A recreational vehicle is a motorhome, converted bus, or luxury RV with a length of 75 feet or less. Class B vehicles are camper vans and travel trailers, while class C vehicles are fifth wheels and cargo vans with an extended camper over the cab.

Similar t automobile insurance because it includes liability, comprehensive and collision insurance. If you are in an accident or your RV gets stolen, your insurance policy covers your loss, repair, and medical costs. If you are in an at-fault accident, your policy pays out of the liability portion of your policy. Weather-related or animal damage may be also be covered unless it’s excluded in your contract.

In addition to liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage there is extra coverage that you should consider. Personal effects coverage extends to items inside your RV; some home owner’s policies may provide this coverage there are exclusions once you travel outside of your state of residence. Roadside assistance is handy to coverage to have – it covers tire blowouts, emergency gas delivery, mechanical and electrical failures and a variety of other emergency services.

Vacation liability is an add-on that covers up to $10,000 in injury and property damage expenses during your vacation. Custom equipment coverage can be purchased to ensure that you receive proper coverage for any upgrades to your RV. If you have a new RV that’s less than a year old, you should consider total loss replacement insurance, otherwise, you will receive actual cash value if your RV is totaled or stolen. If you’re living in your vehicle year-round, you’ll want to investigate full-timer additions.

Recreational vehicles protection will give you peace of mind knowing that your major asset is covered. Whether you’re a full-timer or use your RV for vacations, being fully insured will protect you against property loss and liability. Don’t overlook this important aspect of being an RV owner.